Fancy playing polo?

Polo is one of the fastest, most exciting sports in the world. You may be drawn to its speed and challenge or want to combine your passion for horses with a team sport. Everyone interested in playing is welcome to join CSRC Polo at Apsley End Polo Club, which has a wonderful reputation for teaching. It is located in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside near Hitchin, just 35 minutes by train from King’s Cross.

You don’t need riding experience to get started; you can learn to ride and play at the same time. Apsley End caters for all abilities so you will be given a horse (called a pony) that suits you to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Absolute beginner?

You will be briefed on the rules and theory before having “stick and ball” practice – tapping the ball along the ground in the arena to learn the basic strokes. Then you’ll practise your swing on a mechanical horse before riding a polo pony, learning to move, stop and turn. To finish, you’ll play your first “chukka” (a match is divided into periods called chukkas).

Returning to polo?

The more experienced play under the eye of instructors to improve their skills. These chukkas take place in the all-weather arena during the winter and on the full-size field in the summer. Likewise, private and group lessons.

Members say:

“The team at Apsley End Club were hugely welcoming and all my preconceptions of polo being formal, slightly stuffy and reserved for the elite were dispelled.”

“Love how patient the ponies are one minute and how on it they are the next.”

“My confidence rocketed after the foot sessions and the wooden horse, knowing that I wouldn’t randomly be hitting all and sundry without a clue.”

For more information contact the club here